Vote NO on Measure B

on March 2, 2021

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Help us save Sonoma County jobs. 
Vote no on Measure B.

  • Many Sonoma County businesses are at risk of closing forever.
  • Every business would suffer because of this tax hike, not just the hotels and vacation rentals.
  • Measure B would give the county the highest tax rate in the state and this hurts all of Sonoma County.

The facts about Measure B

We agree with the proponents of Measure B for the need to permanently fund our firefighters and schools, but increasing taxes on the hospitality industry is the wrong way to do it.  Especially now.
Many of these businesses are struggling to survive, have furloughed their workers, and are at risk of closing forever. 

Once these businesses, jobs and workers leave the county, getting them back will represent a whole new set of challenges.
  • Now Is Not The Time - We need real and permanent solutions for how to fund our firefighters and schools, not another tax increase that will drive jobs away and close Sonoma county businesses that are already hurting from the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Tourism Fuels Sonoma County's Economy - Increasing taxes on tourism will hurt the very businesses and jobs we desperately need now to keep the rest of the county ready for recovery, strong and prosperous for everyone, and to build a place where our kids will want to stay and work.
  •  A Negative Revenue Impact and Also Hurts Other Businesses - Visitors have lots of other choices for drive-to-destination vacations. Measure B will make Sonoma County a much less attractive destination, our occupancy tax the highest in the state. This could make the net revenue of a new tax neutral or even negative, and also hurt other businesses aside from hotels and vacation rentals that rely upon visitors.

Measure B is bad for our kids, bad for workers, bad for businesses and bad for Sonoma County. Vote no on B on March 2, 2021.